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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Is set to play the Gone Girl? That's the rumor that's been circulating the internet in recent days, joining the names of , and , who've all been heavily tipped for a role in 's adaptation.

Let's be honest, short of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey, this is one of the biggest female roles in cinema right now, given Gone Girl's breakout success last year. And to all those who haven't read the book, I assure you - it's a corking role. It's no a one-dimensional, 'pretty blonde goes missing' schtick - Amy Dunne is a character of distinctly two different sides. Very different sides.

A WASP-esque New York socialite transported to the small Midwestern town of North Carthage, Missouri, who then goes missing on her and her husbands 5th wedding anniversary, she's an enigmatic figure. Both charming and conniving, in the novel she's a character always hard to work out. And Pike, for me, seems PERFECT for the role. Icy with a touch of girl next door about her, I'll agree with the majority of the blogosphere here - she can get under the skin of Mrs Dunne.

Fincher has already cast a bone-fide A-lister in and most likely wants to employ somebody a tad less famous in the lead female role. Pike, who was in Jack Reacher this year but never quite ascended to the A-list stratosphere after her initial stardom in Die Another Day, seems to fit the bill. And Portman and Blunt aren't available, whilst the insider source has claimed "Charlize is not doing this movie". So, shall we clear 's schedule?

Anyway, we can't be far off an announcement. Shooting is scheduled to get underway in September (ahead of a 2014 release!), so Fincher should be picking his Mrs Dunne soon.

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