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Abi Toll

The studio that will bring us the new adaptation of Tarzan, helmed by David Yates, is currently sweet talking Samuel L. Jackson for the role in which Jamie Foxx passed on.

If Jackon were to accept, then he'd be amongst the cream of the acting world: Christoph Waltz (who is still in negotiations) and who Warner Bro. have their hearts set on for their Jane.

Variety have reported (via

is now in talks to co-star with in Warner Bros.' upcoming Tarzan reboot. is also likely to take on a role, while the site adds that, 'Plot details are still vague on how this version will be interpreted.' What we do know is that it will be directed by Harry Potter helmer , and Jackson entering the fray apparently, Comes as good news for a project that has been fighting for a greenlight for sometime now. A week before the Thanksgiving holiday, studio execs viewed a five minute pre-viz video Yates and his team created to explain how the film could turn out.


If this incredible cast is made a reality then there's no doubt in my mind that the film will be phenomenal- how can it fail with a team like that? What are your thoughts?



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