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It's easy to forget, what with all of the supernatural madness going on, but most of the characters on The Vampire Diaries are actually still in school. So will there be a Mystic Falls graduation this year?

Showrunner has indulged our snooping by dishing out clues about what's next for the epic Season 4 finale. Game on! According to TV Guide, Plec commented that:

Elena is sans family. There is a line in the [penultimate] episode when Elena is filling out graduation announcements and she says, 'Who am I supposed to send mine to?

If Ian Somerhalder is in attendance, I'd definitely show up. But, which of the seniors will actually be attending?

Definitely not all of our wayward, delinquent students will be present when it comes time to collect their diplomas. I'm not saying they won't be alive — they just won't be able to extricate themselves, as graduation falls right in the middle of a crucial supernatural time.

I don't get what the fuss is about. They're immortal anyway, right? They can go back to school whenever they want. I can only guess that this episode will be worth checking out for the after party.

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