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Bad news for dinosaur fans (and really, who isn't): It looks as if 's dinosaur sequel, Jurassic World, is being put on hold.

You might be saying, wait, what? It's understandable, considering that just a few days ago, a crew was scouting locations and Tweeting out pictures.

But the Twitter gods giveth and the Twitter gods taketh away. AICN screencapped a few Tweets from yesterday, one from Digital Asset Manager Todd Smoyer and the next from concept artist Dean Sheriff. They were quickly deleted, but they should have known better than to think the internet wouldn't be all over it:

If this is true, it makes sense. This happens all the time in Hollywood. It is unfortunate for the pre-production crew, as it means they've been sent packing for an indefinite amount of time. But this is a massive undertaking of a movie, so you have to expect the script to be reworked at least once, not to mention there are probably quite a few kinks remaining to be worked out before they can start filming. With a release date that was aiming for June of 2014, that gave the crew just over a year from location scouting to release, a hugely unrealistic timeframe. I'd wager we'll be seeing JP4 in 2015 or '16.

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