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Arrow Season 5 is shaping up to be the most action packed seasons in the show's history. Oliver Queen's set to get some help thanks to new heroes like Wild Dog, Artemis, Mr. Terrific, Vigilante and Ragman joining the show, and he'll need it if he's going to take down the mysterious dark archer Prometheus.

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Fans know very little about the new character, except that they're gunning to take down Arrow himself. But in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Arrow executive producer Mark Guggenheim teased that the dark character has ties to the Emerald Archer's past, stating:

"I can really only say that Oliver bears a measure of responsibility for the creation of Prometheus."

That's not much to go on, though we can guess that since Oliver "created" them, Prometheus is pursuing a personal vendetta against him. The new character could be anyone from Oliver's past, and while it might be farfetched I think there's a good chance Prometheus could be Shado, Oliver’s love interest seen throughout the first and second season flashback sequences. She may have been killed during Season 2, but death is not permanent on Arrow, and her return could bring an exciting dramatic storyline to the new season.

Could Prometheus Be A Woman?

Many would argue that Prometheus can't be Shado because they assume the new villain is a man. But we've never heard an official spokesman for Arrow use the term "he" when describing the character, and even if they did it wouldn't prove anything, as misdirection had become common in Hollywood.

The only pictures we've seen of the new archer feature their face covered up and an all-black costume, and neither give away their gender. Being dressed in black with a somewhat baggy torso doesn't exactly indicate if this is a man or woman. In the end, there's nothing that says that Prometheus can't be a woman.

How Could Shado Come Back To Life?

Shado met her end at the hands of Anthony Ivo during one of the most dramatic flashbacks of Arrow Season 2. But this show is notorious for its willingness to bring characters back from the dead. We've seen it happen twice now with both Sara Lance and Thea Queen being brought back to life through the powers of the Lazarus Pit, so why couldn't Shado return via Lazarus Pit as well?

While it isn’t out of the realm of possibility to see the Lazarus Pit being used for a third time, we could also see the history altering Flashpoint event bring Shado back from the dead. The event will primarily impact The Flash, though it could have huge repercussions on Arrow considering The CW's shared DC TV universe. Bringing back one of Oliver's closest allies as a villain would be a perfect twist, ruining the hero's world in the wake of Flashpoint.

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Why Would Shado Want To Hurt Oliver?

Oliver and Shado were lovers. (via The CW)
Oliver and Shado were lovers. (via The CW)

Oliver and Shado were good friends, and at one time lovers, while on Lian Yu. In fact, Shado was the one who taught Oliver most of his fighting techniques and more importantly, how to fire a bow and arrow.

If Shado were to be brought back to life through the use of the Lazarus Pit — in turn retaining the memories of her past — she might not be too happy to see her former love interest. Her death scene saw Oliver faced with the task of choosing either Shado or Sara for Ivo to kill. And he unwittingly picked Shado for death when he dove to save Sara. If someone brought Shado back via the Lazarus Pit, they could easily manipulate Shado to think that Oliver actually wanted her dead.

And the story possibilities if Shado were brought back by Flashpoint are nearly endless. As fans will recall, the events surrounding Shado's death basically turned Slade Wilson into Deathstroke, but in the Flashpoint universe perhaps things went differently. Maybe Slade was killed, turning Shado into Prometheus — the new timeline's version of Deathstroke. With Joe Manganiello set to play the villain on the big screen, it makes sense that The CW show would wipe its slate clean and create a new character to take Deathstroke's place.

Prometheus And Shado Are Expert Archers With Similar Bows

Shado takes aim. (via The CW)
Shado takes aim. (via The CW)

Prometheus is obviously an archer, and to guess their identity we have to consider a highly skilled archer from Oliver's past that could have a vendetta against him. Of course, Shado fits the bill.

She's a person from Oliver’s past who has reason to seek vengeance, and she is a highly skilled archer. She's the one that trained Oliver in archery, so it could be argued she is even more skilled than him. She had been trained in martial arts and archery since she was a child, and her skills only grew while on the island with Oliver.

Prometheus's bow looks a bit like Shado's. (via EW/The CW)
Prometheus's bow looks a bit like Shado's. (via EW/The CW)

It's also worth noting that if you look closely at Prometheus's bow, you'll notice that it bears more than a striking resemblance to Shado's. They have similar black, carbon fiber designs, and while it could be a coincidence it could also be a subtle clue revealing the new dark archer's secret identity.

Who Is Prometheus?

Shado trained Oliver in the art of archery. (via The CW)
Shado trained Oliver in the art of archery. (via The CW)

It might be difficult to piece together evidence when we know so little about Prometheus, but we have enough to say there's at least a small chance we could see Shado's return as the character in Season 5. There are multiple ways she could come back from the dead, and it's understandable why she'd want vengeance against Arrow. Moreover, this season will be the last to feature island flashbacks, and what better way to bring things full circle than with a villain tied to one of the most tragic moments of Oliver's past? No matter who Prometheus is, they're bound to bring some incredible action and exciting drama to Arrow this season.

Arrow Season 5 premieres on The CW on October 5. Is there a chance Prometheus is Shado coming for misguided revenge? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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