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Jacob Latimore is a rising star in Hollywood who is quickly making a name for himself, having already appeared in a number of big-name films including Black Nativity, Ride Along and Collateral Beauty. But his talents don't end at acting. Latimore is also a proven triple threat who is a great singer and dancer, having produced his first song at the tender age of nine.

Most recently, Latimore can be seen starring in the sci-fi action drama as Bo, a parentless young man struggling to make a life for himself and his little sister in a seedy part of LA. Bo performs as a street magician and peddles drugs to find a way out of the neighborhood. That is, until things take a turn for the dangerous.

Watch the Sleight trailer below for more.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Latimore to talk about his latest film, his red-hot career, superheroes, comic book movies and so much more. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Movie Pilot: So do you have a favorite superhero?

Jacob Latimore: "For me it was definitely Spider-Man, but I think that's too saturated. But being able to play any DC Comics or Marvel character would be incredible."

MP: Could you see yourself playing a superhero or being in a comic book movie?

JL: "When I first started out acting I didn't really think about which roles I was going to play. I just thought about acting as being kind of fun. But when I read 'Sleight,' I was like, 'Yeah, this could be my way to show the world that I can dive into this [superhero] world.' ... Every actor at some point wants to play one of their favorite superheroes or be something supernatural in a movie."

Cinema's more recent Spider-Men. [Credits: Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios]
Cinema's more recent Spider-Men. [Credits: Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios]

MP: What about another comic book character, like Static Shock? Could you see yourself playing him? Interestingly, was created through the inspiration of Spider-Man.

JL: "Yeah, [Static Shock] is what they're saying Bo may be."

MP: Are you serious?

JL: [Laughs] "That's what the media is saying. What's funny is when we shot ['Sleight'], we didn't really think of Bo being a superhero origin story. I think when we actually started showing [the media] the movie, that's when everyone started to say that it was a superhero origin story. So who knows? Maybe that may open the door to a possible role for that actual character because they are very similar. 'Sleight' was definitely not written to spin off into Static Shock, but if it becomes that, that will be a blessing."

"Sleigh" [Credit: Universal Pictures]
"Sleigh" [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Sleight is currently playing in theaters. Do you think Latimore would be a good fit to play Static Shock? Sound off in the comments section below.

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[Main Image Credit: WWE Studios/BH Tilt]


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