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Brian Salisbury

's The Avengers: Age Of Ultron may be in its exceedingly early stages, but one thing is entirely certain: Ultron himself is going to create spectacular destruction on a global scale. According to some recent rumors, culled from a number of sources, it seems Ultron's first point of attack has been selected.

Thanks to the Korean site ExtMovie, as translated by (yeah, this information comes to us with no small measure of effort), Marvel is looking at South Korea as a potential filming location. Furthermore, a Reddit user further translated (again, much effort) that Ultron will be created by a technological corporation in Gagnam, where he then awakes and wreaks havoc.

I have no doubt that Age of Ultron will operate on a global playing field. Actually, given the scale of the first Avengers, I'm sort of baffled that the major battle was contained to Manhattan. I'm not totally convinced that this rumor is legit, however. Complicating things is a Twitter exchange between (The Hulk himself) and a Korean follower who asked him point blank about Marvel's plans to shoot in South Korea...

Who do we believe?

What do you guys think?



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