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One of the most interesting things about the fledgling Star Trek: Discovery is how it will interlink with other shows in the franchise. Taking place a decade before The Original Series, Discovery is in the unique position to fill in some blanks from stories that take place later on in Trek canon. Although the majority of Discovery's runtime has dealt with setting up its own plot, it may already be telling the beginning of one of Trek's most compelling and tragic sagas, as Discovery's main villain could go on to become one of the most notorious criminals in the Klingon empire.

The Start Of A Villainous Saga

In Deep Space Nine Season 2, three Klingons rendezvous at the station. Kang, Koloth, and Kor — who were the main Klingon antagonists for The Original Series — have gathered to finally take down their old foe, the Albino, a Klingon so evil that he attacked his own kind. Together, they set off to seek vengeance for the deaths of their children at the hands of the Albino, in a glorious final battle.

"Blood Oath" is an excellent episode that explores the Klingon culture of honorable death, while demonstrating how loyalty can survive generations of change. And Discovery may well become a prequel to this one episode, with its pale Klingon who has villainous intentions — and already bears a grudge against the House of Kor.

Dax unites with the Klingons to defeat the Albino. [Credit: CBS]
Dax unites with the Klingons to defeat the Albino. [Credit: CBS]

Voq seems set to be the main antagonist for Discovery, and though we've only got to know him over a few episodes, his character arc is already intriguing. Ostracized for his albinism and being "born of no-one," Voq has little loyalty to the Empire. Instead, he found a home among T'Kuvma's followers, volunteering to become the Torch Bearer after the first was (accidentally) killed by Michael Burnham. This saga of isolation continued in Discovery's third episode, as Kol — of House Kor — sneakily stole Voq's forces out from under him. L'Rell was Voq's saving grace, promising to help him even as he was marooned on the wreck of the USS Shenzou.

Considering that Kol is related to Kor, the Dahar Master who swore vengeance after the Albino killed his son, the connection between the two tales is mounting. This could very well be the start of a long, bloody feud between the two Klingons, as Voq will no doubt form a grudge against Kol and, by the values of Klingon society, against the entire House of Kor.

Voq Could Become The Albino

Because we know little of the Albino, there's plenty that Discovery could do to set up Voq as eventually becoming the notorious criminal. As a military commander who was subsequently ousted, Voq bears a lot of resentment towards the Klingon Empire, and it would make sense that however Discovery turns out, he might end up making a life for himself outside the Empire.

Voq and the Albino even have similar forehead markings. [Credit: CBS]
Voq and the Albino even have similar forehead markings. [Credit: CBS]

In "Blood Oath", Dax explains how Kor, Kang, and Koloth were sent to apprehend the Albino as he raided Klingon colonies, killing and stealing from his own kind. They were unable to capture him, but did prevent the Albino from carrying out his mission. The Albino swore to take vengeance on the sons of the three Klingon men, and years later he infected the children with a fatal genetic virus. Aside from this, all we really know of the Albino is that he had a small but significant criminal collective, with an information network that "reached across the galaxy."

Right now, it's impossible to tell where Voq's story will take him, but there's already enough to set him up as eventually becoming the infamous Albino. The Discovery writers have expressed their aim to fill in some blanks from the Star Trek shows, establishing a story that will add depth to the entire franchise. Having Voq eventually become the Albino would be incredibly satisfying, tying into not only Deep Space Nine but also The Original Series, considering Kor, Kang, and Koloth's role in the first show. We could also see more of the Albino's villainous escapades, as the writers use him to explore the pros and cons of Klingon society.

All the best villains have a compelling origin story, and Discovery may be setting up the best antagonist since Khan.

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