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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Negan is supposed to be a character you hate, but good TV (and is generally good TV) involves a bad guy you LOVE to hate, right? The thing is about Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan — and don't get me wrong, he's a marvelous actor — is that I don't enjoy hating him, I just want him to leave already.

The drawn-out, faux-Tarantino dialogue, the mind-numbingly annoying kissy noises that punctuate everything he says and the endless posturing make Negan the most intolerable villain yet. At this point, I'd rather see him beat Maggie to death with Lucille than hear him utter another bastard word.

Shut the hell up, Negan.
Shut the hell up, Negan.

Certainly a few other MP commenters agree:

"Negan is just too much for me. He is boring, has no depth, and is senselessly brutal. Just another stereotypical bad guy."

"He is very very irritating. I love the show but PLEASE TONE him down a notch. What works for reading doesn't always work for television. And it's not his meanness. It's his theatrics."

"Sew his lips up tight so he starves to death. I'd love to see his mouth annihilated so we don't have to listen to his incessant yak-yak."

You know which current Walking Dead villain IS super fun to hate? Simon, played by GTA V legend Steven Ogg.

Simon really stepped up his game in the most recent episode, "Go-Getters," cranking up the menace with that most Negan-like of characteristics: Easy charm that slips like a mask when his true viciousness bursts forth.

Simon doesn't need to twirl a spiked bat around (seriously, could Negan's obsession with his phallic toy be more pathetically Freudian?) to strike fear into the heart of his enemies, he just IS threatening.

Would Steven Ogg have made a better Negan, or is Negan's yak-yak just infuriating no matter whose mouth it oozes from? Is Negan a contributing factor to The Walking Dead's declining ratings? Are the Negan-haters trippin' or is he actually so irritating that he's a detriment to The Walking Dead? Sound off in the comments!


Which current 'Walking Dead' villain do you most enjoy hating?

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