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Abi Toll

The Vampire Diaries dishy was spotted on what seemed to be a date with Dylan Penn; according to International Business Times.

But wait, I hear you cry! I thought Penn was romantically linked to Twilight star ? I know, I too can't keep up with all of this Hollywood dating-malark.

IBT reported that the actor was photographed leaving 's Hollywood restaurant with Dylan on November 13.

IBT said that The Vampire Diaries babe apparently joined:

Dylan for dinner with Mad Men star , Dylan's brother Hooper and her dad after the AFI Film Festival premiere of Mr Penn's latest film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty in Los Angeles.

Have a look at the snaps of Steven and Dylan's outing courtesy of the Just Jared Jr Report and see what you have to make of it:

Here's a snap of a swarve looking Sean Penn and a terrified looking Jon Hamm.

I mean there's always a possibility that it could have been a completely innocent dinner with family friends. In fact IBT confirmed that the pair are old friends who came to know eachother through their celebrity ties.

Apparently McQueen has also been in a relationship with TVD production assistant Hillary Harley, though their relationship status remains ambiguous after the Vampire Diaries actor apparently posted on Twitter that he is single.

So, the plot thickens, what do you make of all of this? Spurious rumors or do you think there could be romance on the menu?



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