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While is the king of cinema, he's certainly no stranger to the land of television, either.

Now, according to The Wrap, Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment is handling the production of a new television pilot called Extant, but there's no word on whether or not the man himself will actually attach his name to it. Given his fondness for the sci-fi genre, however, its certainly on the cards.

The script for the show comes from newcomer Mickey Fisher, an unknown writer who, until recently, was unsigned. Apparently, "everyone is freaking out" about Fisher's sci-fi script, which is supposedly like "A.I. as a TV series". Judging by the synopsis of the new project, it's not hard to see why:

John and Molly Watts and their son, a human-like robot named Ethan. Molly, the space-traveling wife, is also pregnant with a baby that is part human and part alien. The family intrigue deepens in subsequent episodes.

Huh. So some guy writes a pilot script. It turns everyone crazy. Now he has interest from movie studios. Television networks. And Steven Freaking Spielberg. Seems like this could be an interesting ride... Here's to Mickey Fisher!

Would you like to see Spielberg attach his name to the project?



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