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Most superhero movies come packing a maximum of two post-credits scenes, but Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is not most superhero movies, and director James Gunn takes your maximum and raises you a big fat Draximum (sorry) — because Vol. 2 is throwing down the gauntlet with no fewer than five post-credits scenes.

Right after the man himself confirmed that he'll be back directing Vol. 3, Gunn took to Twitter to confirm the number of post-credits scenes we can expect with Vol. 2.

Four of the five scenes apparently land mid-credits, and can be considered mini vignettes of sorts, while there's a fifth, proper post-credits scene at the end.

Having not seen the film yet it's impossible to know exactly what's in the post-credits scene, but we do know that it connects to the wider , so there are two logical guesses here — that it sets up in some way, or that we check in with Thanos, who doesn't have long to hunt and collect the fifth and sixth Infinity Stones.

If it's a Thor: Ragnarok tease, a solid guess might be a first look at Loki masquerading as Odin, before Thor discovers that the real Odin is in fact missing. Perhaps an even better bet would be a brief teaser of Hela (Cate Blanchett) being released from her millennia-long imprisonment, setting into motion the titular assault on Asgard.

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If the post-credits scene involves , on the other hand, it might give us our first proper preview of and how exactly Thanos intends to find the Time Gem and Soul Gem in order to complete his Infinity Gauntlet. Presumably he'll be working with a clutch of minor villains, so we may be introduced to one of them.

Hey, big man. [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Hey, big man. [Credit: Marvel Studios]

All will be revealed when Baby Groot, Drax, Gamora, Peter and the rest of the newly-expanded gang drop into our orbit on May 5 (or a week earlier in Europe).

What do you want from the big post-credits scene of Guardians Vol. 2?

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