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Man of Steel is now closer than ever, but it's time to think ahead. What about the Justice League Part One project? We all know Warner Bros have plans for a cross-pollinated DC comics super-franchise (a'la Marvel's The Avengers) and 2015 is mooted for its release, but are there any hints of this wider universe within Man of Steel itself?

It turns out there are! "We mentioned S.T.A.R. Labs at one point, that's kind of a connection to Cyborg," screenwriter has said to MTV. And who is Cyborg? None other than one of the founding members of the Justice League in the 2011 DC Comics reboot! Cyborg is Victor Stone, a high-school football star who loses half of his body in a dramatic explosion at his fathers laboratory (the aforementioned S.T.A.R Labs). He then survives thanks to his father's experimental technology, which replace his body parts with a large arsenal of high-tech gadgets and weaponry, while constantly providing life support - all causing his transition into Cyborg. Not too outlandish a character by comic-book standards, the half-man, half-machine Cyborg would seem to fit in with the real-world aesthetic Snyder and Goyer have created in Man of Steel. He's got some major daddy issues too, always prime fodder for a big-screen comic book movie.

So, it's not quite Nick Fury's post-credits arrival at the home of Tony Stark in Iron Man, but it's something nonetheless...

Add that to the appearance of Wayne Enterprises, and the Justice League Part One is tentatively getting started!

Looking forward to Man of Steel? What do you think about the Justice League Part One project? Who could play Cyborg? Get in touch below!


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