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As with every popular television shows, the idea to transfer over to the silver screen can serve as the ultimate farewell to fans. Serenity did it for the TV series Firelfy, and of course Sex in The City and Entourage both had their farewells on film. As with everything, if the demand for it is large enough and it financially makes sense then it's definitely a possibility.

So What About A Downton Abbey Film?

The idea is pretty solid; the show was a huge success and is still in the realm of cultural relevance. It has been less than a year since the final episode aired and the rumor mill is spinning yet again. Will we actually we a Downton Abbey film?

With the Emmys having come and gone, the idea is floating around again of The Crawley family coming back one more time. Now this is all speculation at this point, however the show's creator, Julian Fellowes, has been mentioning the project during recent interviews. Maybe this falls into the category of wishful thinking or maybe Fellowes is merely gauging the public response for a Downtown Abbey film.

Who Said What About The Dowager Countess?

First of all, let us recognize Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham herself, Dame Maggie Smith on her Emmy win for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series. She was an absolute joy to watch on the show and brought a gravitas to each and every scene she was in.

Want a full list of Emmy Winners? Check out:

All the formality out of the way let's get down to brass tacks. When asked a year ago on the Graham Norton Show if she would reprise the role Maggie Smith replied:

More making a joke out of the question than flat out answering it. This past weekend however, talk seems to have come back to Smith reprising the role. Michael Fox, who played Andy Parker, spoke of Maggie Smith's involvement with the project. While at a BAFTA event, Fox said to MailOnline:

“The film without her would still be good with all the other actors, but it puts a stamp of quality with her in it.”

Maggie Smith is a fantastic talent and raises the level of any production she is involved with, but the question still remains: is she involved with this project? He never flat out confirms anything. He was speaking in an "If" capacity at best. This statement could be taken out of context as a confirmation. Though it is seemingly just an actor saying something innocuous that people want to make into a confirmation of sorts.

All Hail The Creator

The rumor for a while is that the cast is all on board to do the Downton Abbey movie. That maybe true and it might not be. What we do know is that the creator of the show, Julian Fellowes, has expressed his interest in doing the film. At the above aforementioned BAFTA event Fellowes stated:

"I think it will be fun to get everyone together, and move it to a larger scale because you have got more money to spend.”

Julian Fellowes/ Credit: Andrew Crowley
Julian Fellowes/ Credit: Andrew Crowley

This comment could be misleading. With the use of the term "it will" instead of "it would" could cause ears to perk up. Did he just unknowingly confirm that the movie is happening? The answer to that is most likely semantics that were misinterpreted.

He then went on Good Morning Britain and brought up the subject of a Downton Abbey movie again. Only this time he chose his words a bit more precisely:

“I would love to make [a 'Downton' movie], As far as I am concerned, I am completely up for it. Most of the cast are up for it.”

So What Do all These Comments Mean?

Well, they mean that the cast and the creator are on board with making this movie. The demand is definitely there, but so far there are no concrete plans that we know of. Everything else is nothing more that speculation. It's pretty obvious that Julian Fellowes wants this movie to happen. Talking about it to the press is a great way to get the idea out into the public consciousness.

To answer the titular question — the project is up in the air. Although Downton Abbey would most likely be a success, it might just be a pipe dream at this point. Until someone comes out and confirms the green light specifically, this still falls under the rumor category, as sad as it might be.

Let's recognize Maggie Smith for her pithy commentary from the show in this clip below:

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