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What's Jack doing, you might have asked yourself in the last couple of years?

Jack Nicholson's last screen appearence was in ' romcom How Do You Know. Before that: three years of cinematic absence after The Bucket List. One could get the impression that the 76-year-old has joined the ranks of retired screen legends Sean Connery and Gene Hackman and just stopped acting.

And according to a source - a "well-placed Hollywood insider" - of Radar Online, the Academy Award winner has done exactly that. The reason for Nicholson's decision is said to be memory loss and the inability to remember his lines. Again, according to said, well-situated Hollywood insider.

E!Online (via IndieWIRE's The Playlist) begs to differ with Radar's source, however, stating that Nicholson is, in fact, not retiring and just searching for the right part (the actor was in talks to play the title role alongside in The Judge and reunite with About Schmidt director for Nebraska).

The statements concerning the star's inability to remember his lines are also supposed to be, excuse my French, bullshit.

As the whole "has Jack Nicholson retired or not" back and forth got me emotionally a bit shook up, I rewatched the last two scenes of About Schmidt, in my opinion the last truly great performance from the acting giant (my last hyperbole, I promise) and one of the few times Nicholson broke my heart.

I hope he does it again!



What is your favorite Jack Nicholson performance?


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