BySophie Atkinson, writer at
Sophie Atkinson

Color me delighted! Warner Bros has just released a couple of high resolution photos from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and they're all sorts of beautiful.

The first photo's new, the second isn't, but is now in high-resolution and maybe you missed it anyhow cos you've been feverishly re-reading all of Tolkien’s canon in time for December...right?

Gotta love this first pic – it looks like Bilbo Baggins has gone on a Reconnecting With One’s Inner Calm weekend away in Nature. Bet there's meditation in the mornings followed by walks through butterflies in the afternoons before sleeping in yurts. Lentil soup compulsory and networking events with bankers-turned-yoga-teachers at night. Strip searches at the door to confiscate Macbooks. Where do I sign up?

The second picture looks like the studio execs all sat in a room together with their heads in their hands and said despairingly ‘Elves, elves, elves...but how d'we make them SEXY?’ and everyone chorused 'Let's Katniss this sh*t up!'. Oh Hollywood, that's your answer to everything right now.

Are the images a Thing of Beauty or do you think they look, well, a bit like the pictures on those fridge magnets with inspirational slogans on them?


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