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Since hearing that Universal will be moving forward with The Purge: Anarchy, after the box office success of the -starring bloody home-invasion thriller earlier this year, we haven't heard a great deal about the sequel.

But all that might be about to change, if Bloody Disgusting's new movie conspiracy is right. The site picked up a report from Production Weekly recently, about an upcoming Universal movie called The Zone, which has and on production duties once more and writing and directing. Again.

That lineup sounds pretty familiar, no?

The cameras are confirmed to start rolling on The Zone in LA from as early as next month, so we'll no doubt be able to decipher exactly what's going on here very soon.

I'm just wondering - after all The Purge's legalized rape, murder, robbery, and general criminal catharsis - whether or not The Zone (or The Purge 2) will explore opportunities offered to spend 12 hours downloading pirated movies once a year?

Thought not...

Would you be up for watching The Purge 2. Do you think that's exactly what The Zone is? Let me know your theories in the comment section below!



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