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Watching 's teen romcom by numbers of 1989, Say Anything, was probably one of the first times I noticed that I wanted to sleep with a nerd. played the fidgety, self-aware, and strangely sexy high school loser who got the girl and set a precedent for many chick flicks to come...

That's something I've missed in this year's slightly more unconventional chick flicks like buddy cop comedy The Heat, zombie love story Warm Bodies, and 's Shakespearian romcom, Much Ado About Nothing.

Enter The Spectacular Now, the new back-to-basics love story from the writers of 500 Days of Summer, which follows hard-partying high school senior Sutter () who's philosophy on life changes when he meets the the not-so-typical "nice girl", Aimee ().

And just when I was beginning to think I'd never cry at a romantic declaration boombox scene again, Vanity Fair is comparing 's new romantic comedy to Crowe's classic, saying it is:

An indie teen romance that aspires to be, maybe, its generation's Say Anything

And continues by saying that Woodley's presence provides The Spectacular Now with:

Instant narrative tension because, of course, once she's introduced, you spend the rest of the film fearing that Sutter and the film will break her heart.

Much like how we feared for Cusack way back when. Check out the trailers here and see how you feel about the comparison:

Did you catch The Spectacular Now when it hit theaters on August 2nd? And if you're still waiting for a sequel to Say Anything, do you think The Spectacular Now could fill the void?


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