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Mark Newton

Okay, before we go any further I should point out that all this is pure speculation. Speculation coated in conjecture and injected with a hint of guesswork. However, all that might just be enough to get some Vampire Diaries fans worried. Just before Christmas TV Line's spoiler expert, Michael Ausiello, enigmatically told us:

"a major female character on an hour drama is getting killed off this spring."

Now, that doesn't tell us much, but the internet has begun to speculate that he was referring to The Vampire Diaries, more specifically Caroline. He's now returned to address these rumors, however he may have made things even worse. Although he has explained Caroline wasn't the subject of his comment, he then goes on to say:

"...however that doesn’t necessarily mean she isn’t going to die."

So wait, is she safe or not? I guess we'll just have to wait to find out. But if it's not her, who do you think it is? Let us know below.

You can catch the last two episodes of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 by tuning into The CW at 8pm on January 17th and 24th.


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