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Via Hollywood Life, we get a great look into Katherine's inner love life in The Vampire Diaries:

, who plays both Katherine and her doppelgänger Elena on the popular CW show, recently told TVLine:

Katherine has a lingering love for one of the brothers that we learn more about as episodes progress. Almost like Elena has chosen, Katherine has chosen, and we see that unfold.

So apparently, Katherine's finally gotten over Elijah (played by ), and now it looks like she's put her sights on one of the Salvatore brothers. But, which one is it? Based on that quote, there seem to be two possible scenarios:

  • a) Katherine is in love with Stefan. By far the most probable scenario. A few seasons ago, she chose to save his life over that of his brother. This season, she invited 'Stefan' (who was actually Silas in disguise) to accompany her in the tub. Remember, back in season two, Katherine went and outright told Damon that he wasn't exactly her special one:

I never loved you. It was always Stefan.

  • b) Katherine is in love with Damon. A strong reason to suspect this is simply the way Dobrev worded her teaser. Keeping in mind the aforementioned backstory to her relationship with Stefan, it seems to make sense that the choice Nina alludes to is a completely new one; it wouldn't be a very informative quote otherwise. Of course, the thing is we already know that Damon has the hots for Elena, and not that much love to spare for Katherine. It doesn't seem very plausible that he ditches Elena for her, does it?

What do you think? Who will Katherine end up with? Should she go for the newly-single Stefan, or risk it with the heads-over-heels love-stricken Damon? Let us know down below.

The Vampire Diaries airs on The CW Tuesdays at 9 PM (EST).

Source: Hollywood Life. [[poll]]


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