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Calling all The Walking Dead fans! Gather around and pay attention, for I bring tidings of geektastic news. According to Spoiler TV, AMC has put out a casting call for three recurring characters that readers of the comic book source material should instantly recognize.

Warning: The next part could be slightly spoilery, so if you want your Walking Dead experience to remain pure, proceed with caution.

AMC is looking to cast three new characters and although the names won't ring any bells, the character bios should sound familiar.

Here they are:

John Tyler – Early 30′s, vulgar with rough edges but wise.

Wayne Kesey – Early 30′s. Very smart and an experienced liar.

Jordana Barraza – Late 20′s tough hispanic and beautiful. Shamed about her past.

These characters sound suspiciously like Abraham, Eugene and Rosita, who Rick and the survivors encounter after fleeing the prison. I won't give anything else away, so if you want to find out more you should either read the comic or check out their character bios here.

Abraham is one of my favorite characters from the original source material and my inner fanboy would lose his [email protected]%t if he gets cast in the show.

The Walking Dead is currently filming ahead of its October premiere.

What do you think about this casting call? Will we see Abraham, Eugene and Rosita in Season 4.


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