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Now, while 's still gets the sort of that most cable shows would kill for, fans (and, presumably, executives) have been getting a little worried of late. The show's ratings, after all, have seemed to be on a distinctly downward spiral since the beginning of the current seventh season, with the premiere's peak of 17 million viewers standing in sharp contrast to last week's five-year low of 10.16 million.

With the viewing figures for this past Sunday's episode of the show having now made their way online, though, it's worth asking:

Is 'The Walking Dead's Ratings Slide Finally Over?

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

After all, it seems that the most recent episode of the show (March 12th's "Bury Me Here") managed to secure something of an uptick in on-the-night viewers, going back up to 10.68 million viewers. Which, while nowhere near as substantial a figure as the season premiere — or even the mid-season premiere's 12 million viewers — is still a noticeable improvement.

That's especially true in the context of the season as a whole, with The Walking Dead's ratings having dropped consistently in the wake of its season premiere (and, later, it's mid-season premiere). The big question now, then, is whether the ratings bump we saw last week is an anomaly, or the beginning of an upwards trend heading towards the show's season finale on April 2. After all, we saw a similar (if smaller) lift in ratings going into the mid-season finale, suggesting that some of the show's audience grows keener to tune in when they suspect that something major is going to go down.

Were the show to throw a few cats in among the pigeons over the coming weeks, then — and, of course, promote the hell out of said cat-slinging moments — it's entirely possible that we'll see the show's ratings pick up steadily going into the season finale. Whether they can reach the heights of the Season 6 finale's 14.19 million, however, very much remains to be seen.

What do you think, though? Will The Walking Dead's ratings pick up from here, or is this just a blip in a lengthy downward slide? Let us know below!

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