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Matt Carter

The guys over at Comic Book Movie are claiming they might have found a potential Easter egg in 's upcoming Man of Steel, linking Superman to the rest of the DC Universe and paving the way for a potential Justice League Part One movie.

Over on the Man of Steel IMDB page, there's a character listed as Captain Carrie Farris who will be played by Christina Wren. Having taken a boulder-sized grain of salt and jumping to all sorts of unsubstantiated conclusions, the rumor now flooding the superhero message boards is that Carrie Farris will actually turn out to be Carol Ferris, the sweetheart of Earth's first Green Lantern, Hal Jordan. Carol Ferris was played by in 2011's The Green Lantern.

I will admit that Carrie Farris and Carol Ferris sound almost too similar to be a coincidence. Wren's official website also says that her character is a military officer while Carol Ferris is the owner of the Ferris Aircraft company who has a boyfriend who's a test pilot.

The issue I take with this piece of speculation is that Carol Ferris one of the lesser-known characters of the wider DC universe. It's not necessarily something that casual fans would pick up on as an Easter egg. This could simply be DC's way of giving a knowing wink to more informed fans.

If this a case of somebody reading too much into an innocuous cast listing on IMDB, or is there some weight behind this theory? Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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