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I don't think America is feeling very comfortable at the moment. There seems to be a slew of recent movies which shows the good ol' U S of A under attack. Last year we had Red Dawn, and now this year we have not one, but two, paranoid delusions about the White House coming under attack: 's White House Down, and 's Olympus Has Fallen.

Today, we've got a trailer for Olympus Has Fallen, and basically it looks like Die Hard in the White House — although never dons a white tank top like McClane would.

Butler plays Mike Banning, a former secret service agent to the President, played by . Banning is removed from duty after saving the POTUS from a plummeting car... unfortunately, the first lady was still trapped inside. Banning returns to the White House to try and get his job back, however he happens to pick the very day a bunch of EXTREMELY well-armed terrorists decide to attack. Luckily, Banning doesn't negotiate with terrorists... unless it's with BULLETS. Check out the trailer below:

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Fortunately is there to provide some levity to this pretty ridiculous-looking movie. Although it has been compared to Die Hard, it seems to lack a lot of the charm of said predecessor. In any case with White House Down, starring and , also being released soon, we can exercise some democratic choice when it comes to watching the White House getting battered by ambiguous assailants.

What do you think? Which White House smashing movie seems better to you? Let us know below!

Olympus Has Fallen will release on March 22, beating White House Down by three months. For more news about that project head over to here. In the meantime, [[follow]] Olympus Has Fallen to get all the news sent straight to you.


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