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In recent weeks there has been growing talk of Nightwing showing up in 's Man of Steel sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Girls star was rumored to have scored the part and The Vampire Diaries star did a big bit of suggestive trolling about his possible role. But apart from that, things have been relatively quiet on the Robin front.

However, we may have just stumbled upon an official logo for Nightwing. is reporting that when it was announced that Warner Bros. was trademarking various elements of the comic book character, one of the trademarks seemed to be for a logo that featured the Nightwing name over a Batman symbol - as it appears on the comic books. Like this:

Do you think Warner Bros. will use the current Nightwing comic book logo as the logo for Nightwing products for Batman vs. Superman? And, is this a sign that DC is trying to push Nightwing to the wider audiences?

No comment from Warner Bros. regarding Nightwing has been released, so keep your eyes open for more Batman vs. Superman news!

Batman vs. Superman arrives in theaters July 17th, 2015.



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