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Mark Newton

We've already seen R2-D2 hanging around J.J. Abrams' office and now we've got what could be our first look at his equally robotic companion, C-3PO.

French magazine, Studio Cine Live, is currently running a front cover which features a C-3PO cradling a massive '7'. Now, of course, the first thing you notice is that C-3PO seems to have lost his gold livery, which I can imagine will upset some die-hard fans. Check out the picture below:

So, what do we think has happened here? C-3PO was granted his golden makeover at some point between Star Wars Episode II and III, but it seems in the far future he has once again returned to a slightly rusty, and let's face it, less flamboyant look. Has he been stripped off his gold, or has it simply rusted away? Well, that's open to speculation.

At the moment, we still haven't received official confirmation that C-3PO, or the actor who played him, , will return in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. Previously Daniels has hinted at his return, and of course, if we're getting R2-D2, the inclusion of C-3PO is all but a certainty, but this change of look will probably take most Star Wars fans by surprise.

What do you think? What could have happened to his gold plating? Are you annoyed J.J. Abrams has seemingly altered one of Star Wars' most iconic characters? Let us know below.


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