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Directed by Dennis Villeneuve, Prisoners is this year's upcoming crime thriller starring as Keller Dover and as Detective Loki, with , , , , and filling in the gaps.

The movie had it's official debut at the 40th Telluride Film Festival over the weekend, gaining early critical praise with its first-rate ensemble and career-best performances of its thesps.

Despite it's incredible cast, what has me really excited about the movie is the guy who will sit in the director's chair. Prisoners will be helmed by Villeneuve, who was behind the camera for 2010's Oscar-nominated Incendies, an incredible thriller that shocked and awed in equal amounts. If you haven't already seen it I suggest you do so. Immediately.

What's more, IndieWire is calling it "similar to Villeneuve's Oscar-nominated Incendies", as - according to Variety - "a spellbinding, sensationally effective thriller with a complex moral center" which "knows it has the audience in its palm and can take time out for the kind of incidental, character-deepening scenes that usually end up on the cutting-room floor".


Similarly, plenty of praises from THR who described it as a "hard movie to shake off". And not to forget Wolverine star Jackman, who according to HitFix, "gives what honestly might be his best performance as one of the desperate fathers willing to do whatever it takes to find his daughter."

The movie looks to feature two and a half hours of teeth-gritting tension that is already making it one of the most talked about flicks at the festival. Prisoners seems to be comparable to Oscar-winners like Mystic River and Seven, if this high stakes, twisty plotline is anything to go on:

Jackman plays Keller Dover, a loving family man, who kidnaps the person he suspects behind the disappearance of his young daughter and her best friend. Gyllenhaal stars as the detective trying to to find the girls in a lawful way.

Have a look at the trailer and see what you think:

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Prisoners is set to be released on September 20, 2013.



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