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The upcoming DVD/Blu-ray release of documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of 'Friday the 13th' is shaping up to be THE horror historian's event of the year. Coming to us courtesy of 1428 Films, Hutson Ranch Media, and Panic Productions, it's set to be the definitive documentary behind the iconic Friday the 13th horror franchise.

The producers are teasing the documentary in a series of six clips, which can only be played through their website, Crystal Lake Memories. is the writer-director of the epic documentary, and I do mean epic: It clocks in at a whopping 400 minutes.

Why so long? Because the -narrated doc features interviews with 150 cast members from all twelve films, many of whom are giving filmed interviews for the first time. A hundred and fifty. That is an impressive amount of effort and dedication for a documentary, no matter how definitive. Plus, an extra disc including 4 hours of bonus interviews will be bundled into all combo packs ordered directly through the website.

Thommy Hutson (from the eponymous Hutson Ranch) is producing, and it bodes well for horror lovers: This will be the second collaboration between the production company and Farrands. They previously worked together on documentary Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy, which went on to win several awards. Hutson explained the reason for the release date being pushed back a bit, as well:

Because of the scope of the show and in order to craft the best, most interesting and entertaining look at the films and TV series, it became necessary to give the post-production process a bit more time. Ultimately, though, we are thrilled with the show and can't wait for fans to get back to camp – and we think Mrs. Voorhees and Jason would be happy with the new date!

Farrands agrees, further explaining that the delay was to give fans a more complete product:

Having spent well over a year in production on 'Crystal Lake Memories', we wanted to take a little more time to give fans the definitive 'Friday the 13th' documentary they've been waiting for. Not only were we able to line up a couple of last-minute interviews for our bonus disc and record a full filmmaker commentary track, it just made more sense to wait a couple of weeks and release 'Crystal Lake Memories' on the 'unlucky day' it celebrates: Friday the 13th.

You can preorder Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of 'Friday the 13th' directly through the website here:, with the soft release for all preorders falling on Friday, September 13th. The documentary will go on sale to the general public a few weeks later on October 8th.

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