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Has Robert Pattinson found new love? British tabloid The Sun certainly think so after running a story claiming the Hollywood A-lister is dating Nettie Wakefield — the artist he commissioned to create a painting for his ex Kristen Stewart.

According to a source the pair were spotted at a string of London pubs over the Christmas period:

They were very touchy-feely. They were trying to keep a low profile but Rob teased Nettie by messing with her hair and they had a flirty play fight.

Afterwards they were giggling like teenagers.

However, according to gossip site HollywoodLife, Rob's intentions are much more innocent and the the pair are just "dear friends."

Rob spent some time with Nettie Wakefield over the holidays in London. She’s an incredible contemporary artist, known for her portrait drawings.

Rob and Kristen are both collectors of her work. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rob was commissioning her to do something cool for Kristen as a Christmas or New Year’s gift.

Rob and Kristen have very similar tastes when it comes to artwork and Nettie is also a very dear friend.

What do you think about the latest revelations about Rob's love life? Do you think there's any truth in the rumor that he's found new love?

(Source: EntertainmentWise)


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