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There's still a few months to go until we see the God of Thunder smash his hammer into things, with Thor: The Dark World landing in theaters in November, but plans are already underway for a third installment of the franchise. One of the stars of the first two movies, , spoke to NME about the future of the blond bombshell, revealing:

Well I think they are going to make a Thor 3, so I think Anthony will be pleased.

The Anthony in question is of course , who plays Thor's father, Odin, and is apparently super excited about making loads more Thor movies.

It's not a massive shock to learn that we're going to get a Thor: Ragnarok as it seems to be Marvel's modus operandi to give their superheroes three movie story arcs. Iron Man got three movies and if I was a betting man (and ever since I lost my big toe to a Bhutanese bookmaker over a game of Connect Four, I most certainly am not) I would put money on Captain America getting a third installment as well. Studio chief also revealed recently that Marvel has movies planned through 2021, so it makes sense to include Thor in Phase 3, alongside lesser-known properties Doctor Strange and Ant-Man.

Are you excited about seeing more of the God of Thunder in the future? What storyline would you like to see explored in Thor 3? Drop your suggestions in the comment section below.


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