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With each passing day, we’re getting closer to the premiere of , the last installment of Thor’s trilogy and the 17th movie (can you believe it?) taking place in the ! Finally, we’re going to see Thor return to Asgard, we’re going to find out what happened to Odin, we’re going to learn more about ’s future plans, and, most importantly, we’re going to witness the cinematic debut of Hela, portrayed by Cate Blanchett (kudos to for that perfect casting choice).


As you might have guessed, Hela is the ruler of the underworld, a character loosely based on Hel, a Norse goddess. She was born in Jötunheimr, the world of the Frost Giants, and she’s the daughter of Loki. Interestingly enough, she’s not the daughter of the Loki we all know and love, but the offspring of the previous Loki, the Loki who existed before the Ragnarok (for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, Ragnarok is an apocalyptic battle that led to the destruction of the world and the creation of a new one).

In the comics, Hela constantly clashed with Thor and Odin due to her desire of Asgardian souls. She occasionally allied herself with Loki, combining their strength in order to bring an end to Odin’s rule. However, their efforts always proved to be insufficient, with the Asgardian heroes taking the upper hand. Hela was among the gods who died in the next Ragnarok, but was later revived thanks to Thor. However, she was no longer queen of Hel, and she inhabited Earth for some time until Loki was able to grant her her old kingdom back. Hela continued to rule the realms of the dead until she was overthrown by Thor’s sister Angela.

Hela is one of Thor’s greatest adversaries. She is insanely powerful and has been able to hold her own against the God of Thunder himself. She commands huge armies of undead soldiers and is the owner of various mystical weapons — she really means business. And she definitely seems to be the perfect match for Thanos.

That’s right, I’m talking about Thanos, the destroyer of worlds, the collector of the Infinity Gems, the greatest threat to the Avengers, the most fearsome baddie in the Marvel Universe. In case you didn’t know, the comic book version of Thanos is in love with Lady Death, the living embodiment of death. He apparently swore loyalty to her, wanting to impress her by erasing all existing life. That’s the reason why he’s trying to obtain all the Infinity Stones; that’s why he’s trying to destroy Earth and all the other planets in the MCU.

Thanos and Lady Death
Thanos and Lady Death

Now, since the events in the cinematic universe are vastly different from the comic book stories, I think that there’s a huge possibility we’re going to see a Hela/Thanos team up, with the Asgardian villain replacing the hooded skeleton. Maybe will fall for Cate Blanchett (who can blame him?). There’s actually a wild fan theory suggesting that these two are going to be the final threats in .

What Are The Chances Of This Happening?

1. We’ve Seen Some Hints That Thanos DOES Love Death In The Movies, Too

Remember the mid-credits scene of , in which the Other, Loki’s superior, informs Thanos about the Avengers, telling him that challenging them would be like courting Death? In response, Thanos smiles sadistically, making all the comic book nerds in the audience pee their pants. This was a subtle nod at all the comic book lovers, hinting the fact that Thanos indeed has feelings for an entity known as Death. So, could it be Hela?

2. Kevin Feige Was Mysteriously Cryptic About It

It’s no secret that Kevin Feige, the president of , is a huge fanboy himself and loves to tease us. During a recent interview with Vulture, when asked about the possibility of Blanchett appearing in as Death, Feige answered:

"Anything is possible. But knowledge of the comics can be both beneficial to fans anticipating things, and also misleading. So you'll have to see.’’

Despite the fact that he supports that comic book knowledge might be misleading sometimes, he seems to be suspiciously cryptic about it, choosing to say a few things about it and not reveal too much. If it actually is a thing, he clearly doesn’t want to admit it.

3. Hela Replacing Lady Death Is Perfect For Marvel, Because Of Deadpool

While Marvel seems to get along just fine with , they maintain a rockier relationship with Fox, with the and the Fantastic Four being absent from the combined cinematic universe. And despite the fact that actually worked with Fox in order to exchange characters for and , it seems that the two companies will continue competing over cinematic dominion.

Having Hela replace Death works perfectly for Marvel, since Lady Death is known to be the love interest of not only Thanos, but Deadpool, too. Imagine what would happen if Death makes an appearance in Deadpool’s wacky adventures. She’ll probably be portrayed as a more comical character, just like the rest of the heroes in the Deadpool movies. So, who would take her seriously in Infinity War? I mean, it’s weird enough that Thanos has a crush on her — we don’t need a Twilight-like love triangle with Deadpool. It would be a lot of fun, I don’t doubt it, but it would deprive Thanos of all his grandeur.

4. The Relationship Would Glue Most Of The Marvel Films Together

Thor: Ragnarok is the movie that will put the last pieces of the puzzle together. We know that Dr. Strange is going to appear in the movie, wearing the Eye of Agamotto (Time Gem). We also know that the Asgardians are the ones in possession of the Cosmic Cube (Space Gem). And last but not least, we know that the characters appearing in the Thor movies are all very close to most of the Infinity Stones — Loki was the bearer of the Mind Stone, Malekith used the Reality Stone to take over the world, etc. So, it would make much sense if the sixth and last remaining Stone appears in Ragnarok, with Hela using it to accomplish her evil goals! It seems that every Thor villain has one, why leave her out of the party?

If that ends up happening, the possibility of a relationship between her and Thanos increases automatically, with the two evildoers coming together thanks to their common passion for destruction and their desire for Infinity Gems. Maybe Thanos will play Hela like a fiddle, in order to obtain more power, or maybe he will indeed fall in love with her. Nonetheless, the relationship would tie up all loose ends, uniting the Asgardians and Dr. Strange with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy and making Thanos a threat not only to Earth but to all the Nine Realms, too.

So, what do you think? Are you excited for all of this? Is Hela going to replace Death? Are we going to see her hooking up with the Mad Titan? Leave your answers down below and let me know.


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