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Matt Carter

Like the moon landing, the assassination of JFK and Miley Cyrus's twerky performance at the VMA's, everybody knows where they were when Disney announced, exactly one year ago today, that they had acquired LucasFilm and had committed to release a Star Wars movie every year starting in 2015. I was on the train on the way to work when I heard the news and no doubt terrified my fellow commuters when I shouted expletives of joy while doing my Wookie voice.

Since that blessed day we've learned that Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens will be directed by , was hired and then relieved of script writing duties and that legendary composer John Williams would return to score the movie. However, news about the movie has slowed to a trickle and we're still waiting for word on the official title and plot for the space opera and we've still had no official casting announcements.

Could that be about to to change?

With it being the one-year anniversary of the acquisition - and the fact that Disney has been releasing old Star Wars trailers for the past week - many people are speculating that today might herald the arrival of some huge Star Wars news. Please Disney, give us something good to go on. I haven't done my joyous Wookie voice in ages...



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