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Aside from movies, the Harry Potter franchise and the Back to the Future trilogy, one of my favorite film series is Now You See Me.

It's about a team of magicians that performs amazing magic shows, all with a hidden purpose behind them. And as I fancy myself as a bit of a logician, I've been working my fan theory about these films for a while now. However, whenever I google "Now You See Me theory," all I seem to get is some debatable speculation that the group is working for the .

Here's a great theory for you: One rectangle has four sides. One? Four? 4 – 1 = 3. Three sides to a triangle. ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

The Illuminati theories are not that convincing. The only one that I've liked is this one. It's ridiculous yet somehow makes sense:

But anyways, since I couldn't find a theory on Now You See Me that appeased me, I decided to create my own. First of all, you all remember 's character of Arthur Tressler, right?

In the films, wealthy magnate Tressler is the original sponsor of the , but his greed and manipulation is exposed by the team during one of their performances and they rob him of his millions.

He returns in the sequel, where he is revealed to be the father of Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe) and they both attempt to drown FBI agent Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) and later work to destroy the Horsemen.

But what if I told you that Arthur was actually working with the Horsemen behind the scenes the same way Dylan was in the first film? Time for a theory.

Here We Go!

In the first movie, during Horsemen's show in New Orleans, they rob Tressler's bank account of $144 million and give the money to victims of Hurricane Katrina who were denied their insurance claims from the millionaire's company.

The Horsemen manage to do this by tricking Tressler into telling them the answers to the security questions he used to lock his account. But here's a question for you: Why would someone as rich as Tressler not invest or diversify his money? And why would someone as wealthy as him make it so easy to access their account by using questions that are fairly easy to guess?

Also, transferring that money to multiple bank accounts would require multiple approvals and would probably be stopped, as it would be a clear indicator of fraud, theft or money laundering. With all of the people working for Tressler, why didn't one person notice and stop it from happening?

I'll tell you why. Because he was working with the Horsemen and is secretly a good guy. Arthur made it unrealistically easy to get robbed. But you're probably asking yourself why he would be a good guy when the films depict him as an antagonist.

Well, Think About Dylan

Throughout the first film, the FBI agent shows himself to be willing to do anything to nab the Horsemen. Hell, he even tried to shoot them in their final show.

But we later find out that he is a good guy who is the fifth Horsemen and was only playing the part of an FBI agent. What if Arthur is just pretending to be the bad guy trying to destroy the Horsemen?

We need more evidence, though. This is a clip of the Horsemen's final show.

And they do all of those crazy things in that magic show. They vanish and reappear from building to building in Long Island's 5 Pointz. This feat is impossible, but if it were able to be done in real life, it would likely require expensive lights and equipment — and who would be paying for that?

After the show where they exposed Tressler to the public, he could have taken all the money needed for those props. He could have taken that stuff back, but he didn't. And why not? Because he was helping them pull off their tricks.

In , his character is much more antagonistic and he and his son attempted to drown Dylan. But again, Arthur could have just been playing the part of the bad guy while still assisting the Horsemen. As for the fact that Dylan could have died in that safe, think about this: They had Dylan right where they wanted him. They could have killed him in any way, but they decide to drown him. Arthur and Walter lock him in a safe and drop the safe in a river. Dylan is able to free himself by using part of his watch to pick the lock.

Such an intense scene.
Such an intense scene.

But they decided not to take away his belongings before drowning him? And again, they had knives and could have killed him in any number of painful ways. But they decided to drown him in a safe that was built for magicians.

I'm not necessarily saying that Walter Mabry was a good guy. I feel like when he expressed to his father that he wanted to kill the Horsemen, Arthur didn't challenge him because he was willing to play this anti-Horsemen role in front of whoever he could.

Now, as for his past, we know that he denied Dylan's mother the insurance claim that would have gotten Dylan retribution for whoever caused Shrike's death. And my theory suggests that Tressler might feel very bad about what he did to this young child, so when he discovered what the Horsemen were up to, he acted as he should have.

He worked with them and went along with Dylan's plan. And at the end of Now You See Me 2, Arthur, Walter and Chase are arrested for their criminal activities.

Let me break it down in this way: In , a character (Dylan) who is supposedly trying to end the Horsemen is revealed to be a good guy. In Now You See Me 2, a character (Thaddeus) who is supposedly trying to end the Horsemen is revealed to be a good guy.

What will happen in ? If Arthur appeared in both the first and second films, he should return in the third, but I don't imagine him returning as the antagonist. Maybe he'll continue the tradition that Dylan and Thaddeus carved.

Mark Ruffalo stars as Dylan Hobbs and Morgan Freeman stars as Thaddeus Bradle
Mark Ruffalo stars as Dylan Hobbs and Morgan Freeman stars as Thaddeus Bradle

And who knows? Maybe the third one will be called Now You See Me 3: Now You Don't.

In my opinion, this is one of the best theories I've created and I think it works very well. Now You See Me 3 is expected for release in 2019. What are your thoughts on this fan theory?

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