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There must be some ancient rule inscribed on a piece of Kryptonite that dictates that all studio bosses must give answers in riddles and allusions whenever they are questioned about any future superhero movies. recently fed us tiny morsels of tease when talking about a potential Doctor Strange movie and now president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group, Jeff Robinov, has gone all cryptic about the future of DC's Caped Crusader.

In an interview with EW, Robinov talked about Man of Steel and how "it's setting the tone for what the [superhero] movies are going to be like going forward." This is in contrast to the studio's massively successful Dark Knight trilogy, which, he explained, was "deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone."

So far, so clear. Then Robinov dropped this teasing bombshell. When asked if The Dark Knight trilogy of films stand entirely alone, Robinov said, "They do. Or they did."

What does that mean? If we put on our collective speculation hats again for a minute there are a few possible ways we could read this. First up, Robinov could be suggesting that future DC superhero movies could be linked back to Nolan's trilogy. That shouldn't be too difficult to do; Superman could simply reference the events that took place in Gotham, but would Nolan want the world he created to be compromised, especially considering the open-ended nature of the TDKR's ending? Another option could be to simply continue the story arc that Nolan began, either with Bale coming back as Batman or getting somebody else to wear the cowl. Someone like, I don't know, perhaps?

The third and most exciting possibility is Nolan's version of the Dark Knight appearing in Justice League Part One. By introducing Batman into DC's superhero ensemble it would directly open the door of the previously isolated world of Gotham and allow the Caped Crusader to become part of DC's cinematic universe.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this though. Am I reading too much into what Rominov said, or do you think there's weight behind his revelations about Batman and the rest of the DC universe. Feel free to put your speculation hat on and drop your suggestions in the box below.


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