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Since Supergirl has brought to the Arrowverse (although the crossover is yet to come) fresh characters like and , we have started suspecting that a team is coming to the 's Superhero Universe. Superboy and Miss Martian are vital members of the Young Justice and we already have the rest of the team members scattered among the .

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There are quite a few hints spread in all four shows that support this theory. Here are some of them:

A Rootless Kid Flash/Wally West In The Flash

In the last episode of The Flash, Wally West seemed to be Alchemy's latest target. He started having dreams about his Flashpoint life — a timeline where he is the Flash, or Kid Flash, as Barry names him — and, at the end of the episode, he decides to help the team defeat Alchemy by responding to his call. He ends up hit by , the Speed God, and transforms. By doing so, we can already tell that he will acquire the speedster powers and finally turn into Kid Flash on Earth 1.

With that happening, Central City will have two speedsters to save the day, but how will Wally feel as a sidekick? He already has the feeling that he doesn't fit in Barry's team, that he's not making any real difference. He may accept to be Barry's sidekick, as well as it happens in the comics, but I think that his way to react to things prepares a path for him starting a new project and that could only be the Young Justice. The crossover that will happen between all four shows (, , and ) could be the perfect occasion for Wally to meet the other sidekicks and start a team of their own.

Artemis's Situation On Arrow

Although she's willing to fight alongside Oliver Queen, Artemis is not quite happy about making team with the Green Arrow. As we learn from Young Justice, where Artemis made her first appearance, she's more of a lone wolf, independent and self-centered, in need of a team only when the situation calls for it. As for the situation of Artemis in Arrow, we can easily see that she's not happy with Oliver's way of managing things, fights, and his own team of sidekicks. I bet that if she'd had a chance she'll act the same way as Wally, dumping Green Arrow and finding her place in a Young Justice team.

Gotham City Is A Confirmed Reality In The Arrowverse

Something seems wrong talking about Young Justice when we lack a Robin in the show, Robin being maybe the most important founding member of Young Justice. But that may easily change, too. Until this fall, Gotham City was just a far-away dream for fans to see in the Arrowverse, and with the hitting theaters and streaming on , the possibility of including -related characters in the Arrowverse was tiny. Now, Gotham City is a confirmed reality in the Arrowverse, and that was made clear by the first episode of Supergirl. When saves a father and son in "The Adventures of Supergirl," the father says: "We're moving back to Gotham City." Later in the show, Maggie Sawyer makes her appearance, a police officer that originally activated in the Major Crimes Unit of the (Gotham City Police Department). Now that Gotham City is a reality in Supergirl, we might as well see a or even a heading to National City.

Laurel Lance Was Teased To Return To The Arrowverse

We don't know how will they bring her back in the show, but Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance is set to return to Arrow. has recently released new photos of the 100th episode (the crossover) featuring Laurel Lance alive and well, in a wedding dress.

You can see more of those photos right here.

As we know, the Black Canary was the one in charge of the Young Justice. She was their mentor and, if Laurel comes back in the Arrowverse, a reconnection with her past as Black Canary is very likely to happen. She may not find her place in the new Team Arrow after her long absence, so doing something new, like being a mentor for a bunch of young superhumans, seems a very good thing to explore in the show.

Gorilla City Is Teased In The Flash

Another founding member of the Young Justice that is missing from the Arrowverse is and he didn't seem a possibility until the last episode of The Flash. It wasn't that was teased in the show, but , making Atlantis a possibility. When Cisco asked HR if they have a Gorilla Grodd on their Earth, Wells immediately responded: "Yeah, we have many." So, if Gorilla City is a possibility in the Arrowverse, Atlantis must be too.

What About Caitlin Snow?

She doesn't seem to fit in the Flash Team either. Will Caitlin become Killer Frost and turn into a villain in The Flash, or will she choose to do something else with her powers? In the comics, we didn't have a "not-villain" Killer Frost type ever, but Caitlin Snow could make a difference for the Arrowverse. If she decides to make use of her powers instead of hiding them, she could develop better in a sidekicks team like Young Justice instead of Team Flash.

Watch the intro to the animated Young Justice show and start thinking of other ways we might see this property make its way into the Arrowverse:

How do you feel about this theory? Will we see a Young Justice team in the Arrowverse? Leave your thoughts in a comment below. Arrow airs every Wednesday, The Flash airs every Tuesday, Supergirl airs every Monday, and DC Legends of Tomorrow every Thursday on CW.


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