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Despite Wonder Woman's message of unity and strength among people, her very first big screen adaptation has already been shrouded in controversy. For the past few years, has been very vocal about her support for Israel in the Lebanon-Israel war. Because of that, Lebanon recently banned the latest entry in the .

Fortunately, that didn't stop the actress's home country of Israel from offering its full support to its native daughter in some pretty awesome ways.

Israel Stands Proud With Wonder Woman

According to Taykey, an Israeli company that aggregates and tracks social media buzz, 95% of online Gal Gadot mentions have been positive. Furthermore, despite being one of her first leading roles in Hollywood, Gadot already outranks Natalie Portman (also Israeli-born) on IMDb's list of most popular people in the entertainment industry from Israel.

Taykey reports that effectively gives her the title of most beloved Israeli person in the world. In light of that astounding popularity, Tel Aviv's famous Aezreli Center Skyscrapers were recently lit up with the following message in Hebrew:

"Proud of you, Gal Gadot. Our Wonder Woman."

Gadot shared the incredible show of support through Instagram:

The actress posted an image of the buildings with a message also written in Hebrew, which The Hollywood Reporter translated. Here's what she had to say:

"When my mom and dad sent this to me, I was sure they did it on a computer, and then I got another image from my cousin, good friend and a colleague and I realized it's actually real. Wow! No words. I'm giving thanks for everything, nothing is for granted, I wish I could reciprocate all the kindness and love back to the universe, a big thank you to everyone. ❤"

Guy Pines, host of the Israeli entertainment show Erev Tov with Guy Pines, stated that Gadot––even after becoming a star in Israel and later on around the world––has always been humble:

“Gal has been a household name in Israel for years, keeping her cool and down-to-earth persona, unlike many others, even when she became such a huge star. Knowing how many others dream and work so hard to get there, you just can't not love her and appreciate her amazing achievement."

He also asked people to start pronouncing the actress's name the right way. Thankfully he gave a pretty easy example to follow:

And pleaaassse try to pronounce her name right. Ga-dott!”

Huge Box Office Returns Predicted In Israel

Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Gal Gadot in 'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Adi Rubinstein, entertainment columnist for the Israel Hayom newspaper, revealed the entirety of Israel is backing Gadot right now, as her accomplishment in Hollywood is something unprecedented:

"There is no one Israeli that is non-supportive. Gadot is the leading Israeli product on TV all over the world right now—no format, idea or Israeli persona can successfully do what Gadot has been doing this past month."

Rubinstein's comments about people's appreciation for Gadot are not an exaggeration. So far, every Israeli media outlet has been presenting Gal Gadot as an ambassador for Israel.

All that popularity has translated into hugely impressive box office numbers. Israeli insiders are estimating that the -directed tentpole will earn around $1.8 million from its first four-day weekend. To give you an idea of how great that would be for Warner Bros. in the foreign land, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opened with $1.2 million, while five years later, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted with $1.1 million

That film also featured Gadot as Wonder Woman, but the difference in earnings goes to show how excited Israeli audiences are to see someone from their country take on such a prominent role in mainstream Hollywood media.

That doesn't come without its troubles, however. Sadly, it's reported one bump for the movie's earnings will be traditional Israeli families not comfortable with women leading films. But going by the current estimated numbers they won't be a major problem for the movie.

After all the negativity the actress had to face with the banning of the film, it's amazing to see her getting this kind of reception and encouragement. If things keep going as they are, it's safe to say Gal Gadot's popularity will be at an all-time high once comes around later this year.

Meanwhile, the actress is flying solo in Wonder Woman, which hits theaters on June 2, 2017.

What do you think about the support Gal Gadot's been getting in her home country? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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