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Among the "millions of gallons of Derry pee," the Losers Club found something even more horrific than Pennywise himself in the second IT movie trailer and no, it wasn't the freaky red balloon — although that destroyed any chance we have of sleeping again too.

Noticeably free of any stutter, Bill Denbrough reveals that he's discovered the shoe of Betty Ripsom, a former classmate who died at the clawed hands of Pennywise.

“What if she’s still here?”

While Betty doesn't float in the trailer, her story is one of the most chilling to be found in Stephen King's original book and her prominence in this trailer suggests that she will feature somehow in the movie too.

Who Is Betty Ripsom?

IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]
IT [Credit: New Line Cinema]

Killed on December 26, 1957, Betty Ripsom was one of many children murdered by in the book's childhood segment. Betty's body was discovered on Outer Jackson Street just one day after Christmas, frozen with "her remains ripped wide open." Unfortunately for her grieving parents, this wasn't the last we heard from Betty in the original story.

Three weeks before her child's death, Mrs Ripsom began hearing voices speaking to her from the drain of her kitchen sink. One night, Betty's mother plucked up the courage to respond, asking them who they were. The answer?

"Our name is Legion."

Using one of his many pseudonyms, Pennywise made it clear that he had already decided Betty's fate long before she died. Unfortunately though, the family's suffering didn't end there. Almost a year later, Betty's father was doing the dishes late one night when he heard his dead child's voice floating out of the kitchen sink.

"I heard Betty somewhere down in those friggin' pipes. Laughing. She was somewhere down there in the dark, laughing. Only it sounded more like she was screamin, once you listened a bit. Or both. Screamin and laughing down there in the pipes."

Screaming, laughing, floating... we can't imagine a more grisly fate than dying under Derry with the Dancing Clown.

Will We See Betty's Death In The IT Movie Adaptation?

Aside from the aforementioned passage, the young Ripsom child can be most notably heard again in the book right before a sink explodes in Beverly Marsh's face. Betty isn't the only one who speaks to Beverly though. The voices of other victims such as Matthew Clements and Veronica Grogan rise up too.

In fact, Betty's voice recurs throughout 's book, joining the chorus of laughter that floats up from the sewers of Derry. However, this is all we see of Betty in the story, which suggests that she won't physically appear in the movie adaptation either. Saying that though, director Andres Muschietti has already given us a glimpse of the poor girl in this wanted poster below, so there's always a chance that Betty could appear briefly in a flashback of her death.

Both trailers for the IT movie have contained a number of homages to Stephen King's text so far, but it remains to be seen exactly how much director Andres Muschietti will stay faithful to the original story. Whether Betty Ripsom appears in the flesh or not though, we wouldn't be surprised if IT turns out to be the most acclaimed adaptation of Stephen King's work yet — and that's no small feat. 2017 alone sees a horrifying number of the King's best stories hit our screens, ready to float in our nightmares.


Will Betty Ripsom appear in the movie adaptation of 'IT'?

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