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In all of history, no one has wanted a paper boat more than Georgie Denbrough from Stephen King's It. After the poor boy lost his treasured possession in the rain, a lesser man would have simply retreated home to make a new paper boat, but no, not Georgie. Instead, the brave little lad chased his pride and joy down to the gutter where it had washed away, before coming face to face with Pennywise the Dancing Clown himself...

Stephen King has plunged entire generations into his nightmare world of depraved and disturbing novels, but out of each monstrosity he's created, the scene where Pennywise murders Georgie in 'It' is arguably the most iconic. Tim Curry gave us all clown-ridden fears when this scene reached our screens in the TV adaptation of It, but from all accounts, Bill Skarsgård's performance as the Dancing Clown could turn out be even scarier.

"Aren't You Going To Say Hello?"

It [Credit: New Line Cinema]
It [Credit: New Line Cinema]

Following Stephen King's positive appraisal of the project and promising reviews of the unreleased trailer, fans have begun to hope that the It remake could float as high as our lofty expectations.

Yet more evidence to support this has now arrived courtesy of Empire magazine, which includes a new shot of Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise. The image in question looks as though it was taken from the It promo released exclusively at SXSW.

Context wise, this scene is undoubtedly taken from the iconic moment when Georgie is pulled into the sewers. We already knew that this death would be reimagined in Andrés Muschietti's remake thanks to online descriptions of the trailer, but what we couldn't have predicted is how terrifying Skarsgård's Pennywise looks lurking in the sewer. We now understand exactly why the young cast of It were so freaked out when they first met Bill dressed up as the Dancing Clown!

How Does Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise Compare To Tim Curry's?

Here's how the two Pennywise's visually compare in this harrowing scene taken from both adaptations of It:

It [Credit: Warner Bros. Television/New Line Cinema]
It [Credit: Warner Bros. Television/New Line Cinema]

"Want your boat, Georgie?"

While we're yet to see Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise in motion, the razor sharp teeth and evil glint in his eyes are worlds removed from Tim Curry's cartoonish, yet still undeniably scary take on the Dancing Clown.

For another reminder of why Curry's Pennywise became such an iconic villain in the first place, check out Georgie's original murder scene in the clip below:

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It remains to be seen whether a straight horror approach will ultimately turn out to be scarier than Tim Curry's eerily 'kind' Pennywise. All we do know is that we can't wait to watch Georgie meet his maker a second time in the first official trailer for It. Why did no one tell the poor boy to just go home and make his own damn paper boat again!? Those things cost literally nothing.


Which Pennywise will be the best Dancing Clown?

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