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Horror fans are always on the hunt for new movies able to deliver the sense of fear and excitement they love. Now, A24, the studio that brought us , is set to release a new offering this June, and the film's first full trailer is oppressive, creepy, and just mysterious enough to hook us all.

'It Comes At Night' [Credit: A24]
'It Comes At Night' [Credit: A24]

It Comes At Night is the a psychological horror story from filmmaker Trey Edward Shults, who previously made Krisha. This new film stars Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, and Christopher Abbott in a story about a family secluded in a remote location as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world. Their safety is put to the ultimate test when a young family seeks refuge.

Check out the trailer:

The premise for It Comes At Night seems pretty simple, but the trailer suggests that the film is going to stress us out. There's the steady increase in tension and that weird score, not to mention all the mystery around the red door and whatever illness is going around. There might even be some events and creatures that we're not prepared to see.

The tagline for the film is "fear turns men into monsters." That alone is enough to put me on edge from the start.

'It Comes At Night' [Credit: A24]
'It Comes At Night' [Credit: A24]

The film premiered at the Overlook Film Festival on April 29, 2017, and some reviews have already tagged it as the scariest movie of the year.

It Comes At Night opens in theaters on June 9, 2017.


Does 'It Comes At Night' look creepy enough for you?


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