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Whether he terrified you or not, Pennywise will be back for more! The 2017 remake of Stephen King's iconic clown novel was an instant success and certainly lived up to the high expectations of fans everywhere. IT opened to a whooping $189 million worldwide, placing it as the highest weekend opening for a horror flick ever. It then comes as no surprise that director Andy Muschietti is already developing a sequel.

Those who are familiar with 's IT will know that the story is told simultaneously between the present and the past. This means that we meet the Losers' Club as children and then as adults when they all return to Derry to defeat Pennywise once and for all. With Muschietti working on the next chapter, all heads are turning to see who will play our Losers as adults. Well, it appears that Muschietti already has his eyes on a certain high-profile actress to play the grown up Beverly.

Will Jessica Chastain Play Adult Bev?

It is no secret that Academy Award nominee is a huge fan of the movie and the Muschietti duo. When the actress expressed her excitement for the film across her social media, rumors began to circulate that Chastain would be playing adult Beverly.

Jessica Chastain is no stranger to Andy and Barbara Muschietti, as the two worked with Chastain on the 2013 horror hit, Mama. Andy Muschietti made a statement on the rumors, saying:

“Jessica is an amazing actress and a very good friend and I would love her to play Beverly. She loves the movie and it feels like the planets are aligned in that sense, but we still have to make that happen."

It appears that Muschietti isn't alone in wanting the Zero Dark Thirty actress to portray adult Beverly Marsh. Sophia Lillis, who played young Beverly in the 2017 hit, was asked by Vanity Fair on who she would want to see in the adult shoes and without hesitation, Lillis mentioned Jessica Chastain.

There has been no official confirmation yet, but I'm sure I'm not the only one would be stoked to see Jessica Chastain in another great horror role!


Do you want to see Jessica Chastain as adult Beverly in 'It: Chapter Two"?

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