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You know what? This world is full of scary shit. There are spiders that fly. Snakes come out of dryers and toilets.

And then there are storm drains.

Credit: ABC
Credit: ABC

Anyone who saw 's It as a kid knows exactly what I'm talking about. To this day, I can't walk by a storm drain without giving it a sideways glance. I know there's not a clown in it. It won't pop out and rip my arm off. But I still look for those freaking red balloons.

Well, there's a Reddit user who thinks it's funny.

And he can go to hell.

A user that goes by the name yetti22 has taken it upon their demented damn self to scare the daylights out of every child in their neighborhood, and probably some grown-ups in the process.

In their Reddit post, "In honor of IT's remake....I did a thing," they posted this video.

Warning: There's An Evil Clown

Just look at the detail on 's face. This is both the most twisted and most genius thing ever.

Still, shame on them.

Pennywise is coming! Will you be in theaters September 8, red balloon in hand for ? Dressed like a clown?


Seriously, that's not nice.

Here's more of It:


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