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Stephen King's IT continues to make a killing at the box office, reaching $291 million domestically and rounding its global take to $533.2 million. The horror flick beat the Doug Liman-Tom Cruise film American Made, as well as 20th Century Fox film Kingsman: The Golden Circle at the Weekend box office. Where American Made and both made $17 million, the Andy Muschietti-directed IT won the weekend, with a close $17.3 million.

While Kingsman was the champion overseas, earning $50 million to IT's $35.6 million, IT beating the heavy weights like American Made and Kingsman: The Golden Circle just goes to show how powerful the film has proven to be.

IT has been a force to be reckoned with at the box office breaking multiple records. Upon the film's trailers' release, IT set the record for the most views for a trailer in a single day. It also set the record for biggest R-rated opening of all time on a single day, de-throning 2016's Deadpool. The killer clown movie has also set the records for largest opening weekend for both a September release and a horror film (this despite many theaters being shut due to Hurricane Irma). , which has become a pop culture phenomenon since the film's release, is one of the best reviewed horror films of all time.

The film is also being credit for saving the box office after an extremely slow summer this year. The horror blockbuster has grossed $291.2 million domestically, becoming the first September title in history to cross $200 million, beating previous record-holder Hotel Transylvania 2 which earned $169.7 million.

It's no surprise that a sequel () is quickly being worked on by New Line Cinema and Warner Bros, and rumors of a spin-off are also circling around the internet. With IT: Chapter One having done so well, it's fair to say that the sky's the limit for the film's sequel when it arrives in theaters September 6th, 2019.

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