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Alisha Grauso

Surprisingly, one of the most anticipated film of the year isn't superhero movie or Star Wars, but Warner Bros.' upcoming remake of . We've gotten a few photos, but the first It trailer—which was stuffed full of Stephen King Easter Eggs and references—scared the pants off us on its way to breaking trailer view records left and right.

So yeah, you might say we're a little excited about it. Which is why we were pumped to get an even better look at the upcoming movie at tonight's MTV Movie & TV Awards, which dropped the second trailer for us fans:

Fun fact: When I first read 's defining novel and saw the miniseries at the tender age of 10, I didn't sleep for weeks. Ever since then, I've been scared to death of clowns. Seeing that single, red balloon floating toward the Losers' Club in the sewer tunnel was enough to give me flashbacks. The trailer is a world of "NOPE" which means that it's doing everything it needs to do.

It's hard to imagine anyone living up to the living legend that is Tim Curry, but so far, really seems to be holding his own as Pennywise. What say you?

It is in theaters on September 8.


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