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There are some high hopes for It's box office run this September and if the studio's marketing is any indication, they, too, have big expectations for the remake. Aside from the number of trailers and TV spots previewing Andy Muschietti's fresh take on the classic, there have been a number of interesting promotional techniques ahead of the film's release.

Most notably would be the haunted house with 'The It Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood' that popped up in Los Angeles that guides fans through a replica of the home featured in the movie as well as the sewers where the infamous clown lures his victims. Then we had a VR experience released by Warner Bros. that took viewers deep into the sewers but it could only be seen with a VR headset.

Now, to cater to anyone equipped with internet, fans can visit the It movie official website and play an 8-bit game, 'Enter the Sewer.'

'It: Enter the Sewer' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'It: Enter the Sewer' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The simple 8-bit game lets players control the S.S. Georgie paper boat along the sewer as you move to pop red balloons and rack up points. There are obstacles that you must maneuver around including barriers, wanted posters, and Pennywise himself as you hear his sadistic laugh while playing. Players have three lives before they are required to reset their score and start over. Fans will love the nostalgic feel to the 8-bit style game, which seems to be a reemerging trend these days.

Fans don't have long to wait before It floats into theaters on September 8th but it remains to be seen how well these marketing endeavors will work in getting viewers into those theater seats.

Judging from the fan hype and buzz its getting on social media, it's working like a charm.

What are your thoughts on the It 8-bit game? Tell us in the comments below!

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