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When he's not floating in the sewers of Derry with the likes of Betty Ripsom, Pennywise the Dancing Clown is haunting the nightmares of everyone who's seen even just a glimpse of Bill Skarsgård in action. Even the cast of IT were "freaked out" when they first met Skarsgard dressed up as the titular clown, so you might be surprised to discover how Bill's own brother, Alexander Skarsgård, reacted.

Bill's older sibling is no stranger to scary roles. After breaking out as the rather attractive vampire Eric from True Blood, the Swedish star appeared in the apocalyptic Melancholia and a remake of the gritty horror movie Straw Dogs, both of which aren't particularly easy to watch. It seems then that Alexander's work in these films has hardened his resolve, if his reaction to Bill's Pennywise is anything to go by.

What Did Alexander Skarsgård Think Of Bill's Pennywise?

While discussing his role in Big Little Lies with The Wrap, Alexander Skarsgård mentioned that he hadn't yet seen Bill dressed up as the evil clown due to his rigorous back-to-back shooting schedule. Of course, it didn't take long for The Wrap to then show Skarsgård his first glimpse of the ghoulish creature that his brother has become.

Instead of recoiling in fear like any sane person would, Alexander found his first look at Pennywise surprisingly adorable:

“Aww! He’s so cute. This is my kid brother. Aww. This is Christmas day, three years ago. So cute!”

We sincerely hope that Alexander was joking, and that Bill Skarsgård doesn't take it upon himself to dress up as a child-killer on December 25. However, after seeing the Finnish movie Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, we've come to learn that perhaps anything is possible during a Scandinavian Christmas.

Now that we know The Dark Tower is linking each of Stephen King's movies into one shared universe — perhaps even with Pennywise in tow — now's the time for Bill's clown to cross over with True Blood, and meet Alexander's vampire sheriff of Louisiana. Anything's possible, right?

Wrong. That would be ridiculous, but nonetheless, we're holding out hope that the two will face off against each other one day onscreen, helping us to finally figure out who is the scariest Skarsgård. Actually, on second thought, nothing could be scarier than watching their father, Stellan Skarsgård, run naked around Stonehenge in Thor: The Dark World. You'll wish would come for you after you've seen that sight on the big screen.

Find out if Bill Skarsgård's Pennywise is as scary as people say he is when IT floats into cinemas on September 8, and check out Alexander's full reaction video right here.


Does Alexander Skarsgård's reaction to Pennywise make sense?

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