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Matt Carter

"Go big or go home". This is the tagline at the end of the latest promo for A Good Day to Die Hard and while its purpose is to encourage you to see the movie in all its explosive glory at an IMAX theater, it could just as easily be referring to the scale of this movie, which is on a whole other level from the earlier outings of John McClane. Check out the clip to see lots of things go boom and Willis deliver THAT famous one-liner:

Stop me if I'm wrong, but the stunts and action sequences here look a lot less CGI heavy than they were in Live Free or Die Hard. The fact that the movie has been given an R-rating (More swearing! More violence! More fun!) leaves me confident that this movie could be a worthy addition to the Die Hard canon.

As the man himself would say, "Yippee Ki Yay" something or other.

Are you looking forward to seeing John McClane open up a can of whoop ass? Type Die Hard things in the comments below.

A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters February 14th.



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