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Mark Newton

As far as zombie movies go, World War Z should be the big one. It's based on a highly acclaimed book, it's got a massive budget, it spans the entire globe AND it's got in it.

As a huge fan of Max Brooks' original magnum opus, I was slightly disappointed to discover the film seems to bear no actual resemblance to the book. Regardless, World War Z does look set to be one action-packed undead spectacular. Check out the latest trailer below:


Now, the super-fast CGI nature of the zombies has attracted some criticism. Personally, I think they're the right choice for a past-paced action thriller. They kind of remind me of the Left 4 Dead infected, which is fine with me because I spent an obscene amount of time playing that game. Once again this is quite a change from the book. Max Brooks was originally a strong advocate for the Romero-esque shuffler type of zombie.

What do you think? Which kind of zombie do you prefer? Super-fast infected type, or old fashioned rotting shufflers? Let me know below.


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