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Look alive, DC fans. We know that, at some point, we're getting a Justice League Part One film. Well, okay, we're pretty sure, at least...

Alright, the only thing we know for sure is that there's a June 2015 scheduled release on its IMDB page, and that is probably busy working on the script. Other than that, we know virtually nothing about the casting, other than that Christian Bale is not down to be the Bat again, nor when they'll start filming. At this point, that 2015 date two years off is looking mighty ambitious.

But still, BUT STILL, there have been quite a few interesting Easter eggs sprinkled throughout Man of Steel, which we all know Warner Bros. and DC intend to be the jumping-off point for Justice League, 's Dark Knight trilogy notwithstanding.

And now, perhaps the biggest Easter egg of all (it would be an ostrich egg, naturally) has been spotted by an eagle-eyed fan, who sent the captured image to Comic Book Movie:

See that? That right there, my intrepid Moviepilots, is the WGBS News logo. Long-time DC fans will know WBGS News is the main news outlet for the media conglomerate, Galaxy Communications. The whole shebang is owned by criminal mogul Morgan Edge, who, as you know, has strong ties to supervillain Darkseid through their criminal organization Intergang.

Now, while Morgan is predominantly an arch-enemy of Superman, could this be a stepping stone to introducing Darkseid? Could Warner Bros. and DC be setting up a New 52 story arc for the Justice League film? Granted, the logo could have just been a tip-of-the-hat to longtime fans, but it's highly doubtful they decided to show the logo just because. With DC seeming to be building their own cinematic universe with a backward blueprint from Marvel (using the ensemble film to create spinoffs rather than having the individual character stories build up to the ensemble film), it's not unrealistic to assume we'll at least see Edge appear in Man of Steel 2 or Justice League, setting up the arrival of main baddie Darkseid. And THAT would be awesome. It's also interesting to note that way back in December, Latino-Review claimed to know who the villain of the JLA script would be, and it was indeed the Lord of Apokolips.

What do you think? Is this all leading to a New 52 story line? Will we see Darkseid? Or is there another villain the Justice League should take on in the film (once we finally get it)? Go nuts in the comments. In the meantime, you can click follow near my name up there and I'll keep you updated, or follow me on Twitter here.



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