ByPaul Aguirre-Livingston, writer at
editorial sleuth @ moviepilot
Paul Aguirre-Livingston

At the International Broadcasting Convention Awards on Sunday night in Amsterdam, the current trailer for ’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug debuted - in high frame rates and in stereoscopic 3D!

The tech-savvy audience praised the digital innovation, while the ceremony also honoured Jackson with the International Honor for Excellence, a top prize once awarded to the likes of .

Set for release this December, 'The Hobbit' is currently in postproduction, so Jackson left a video message:

I can not energize my imagination without the support of technology. Please keep [technical development] going.

Check out a recent trailer below: [[yt:4SBCGBARUaI]]

Jackson isn't afraid to explore these modern, flashy developments in film: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was the first major feature to be finished at a high frame rate of 48 frames/second and in stereoscopic 3D. His production team also received an award for this at the IBC. While the first one was a visual masterpiece, I'm eager to see how Jackson will top himself next.



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