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Whenever a musical hits it big on , it's a safe bet that a film adaptation will be coming soon. From of The Phantom Of The Opera to Mamma Mia!!, a long list of musicals that hit it big on stage have shined on the big screen as well.

One of the biggest musicals made in recent memory has only been on stage for a short time, but thanks to its popularity, it's already headed for cinemas.

This musical is, of course, Hamilton: An American Musical, the popular musical that has already captured the heart of people all over the world.

Check out a clip from the show below.

Heating Up The Stage

'Hamilton' [Credit: Joan Marcus]
'Hamilton' [Credit: Joan Marcus]

Based on the life of the American Founding Father and the country's first Secretary Of The Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, the musical combined Broadway aesthetics and hip hop music to tell the rise and fall of the historical figure. The musical also tackled themes such as friendship (and the lack thereof), immigration, legacy, love and politics.

Created and composed by and starring a diverse cast of performers playing roles that were normally historically played by white people, Hamilton sold out on its opening night and word of its amazing reception spread like wildfire. Even today, procuring tickets for the play are nigh impossible since almost every future show is fully booked.

Hamilton defied all expectations and quickly became a premier Broadway phenomenon, even Vice President Mike Pence checked it out for himself. His presence and the constant air of controversy that surrounds him didn't go unnoticed, which led to the cast of that night's performance to make a public plea to the conservative figurehead.

Check out the encounter below.

Hamilton: An American Movie

'Hamilton' [Credit: Joan Marcus]
'Hamilton' [Credit: Joan Marcus]

During a guest appearance on the THR’s Awards Chatter podcast, the musical's creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda all but confirmed that there is indeed a Hamilton movie in the works. When asked if a film adaptation would ever hit the big screen, the composer said:

"Yes! Who knows when? I don’t think I’m done with that role, by any stretch."

The role in question is that of the titular character, Alexander Hamilton. Ever since the play's opening, Miranda has played the character on Broadway, while others have stepped into the role when Hamilton began touring the nation.

Miranda's work on Hamilton helped him land the opportunity to compose the soundtrack for Disney's diverse animated movie Moana. He was also tapped to write some music for the upcoming Mary Poppins Returns, and will play a part in the sequel as well.

Ryan Coogler directs 'Creed' [Credit: Warner Brothers]
Ryan Coogler directs 'Creed' [Credit: Warner Brothers]

The Hamilton movie has been on the drawing table for quite some time now, but it's only now that a status report has been given. Prior to Miranda's comments, Creed and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler expressed interest in adapting the musical in the future. Given his currently busy schedule, it would take some time if Miranda decides that Coogler is the best choice to helm the film adaptation of Hamilton's life story as told in rap.

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No Wasted Shots

'Hamilton' [Credit: Joan Marcus]
'Hamilton' [Credit: Joan Marcus]

In today's heated political climate, Hamilton continues to gain popularity and relevance with each passing day. Because of this, and how the musical was delivered in a way that bears more similarities to current music scene and not classic musicals, Hamilton has quickly become a defining musical for a generation.

The musical has become a movement; one that that will eventually bring it's message of love and perseverance to the big screen when a movie adaptation in inevitably unleashed.


Would you watch a 'Hamilton' film adaptation?

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